Four reasons to work with us.

  1. We are a local collective with relationships and experience on Haida Gwaii.

  2. We practice co-facilitation, increasing the value we provide to the people we work with.

  3. We are committed to collaboratively designing a process that is specific to your needs and goals.

  4. As a collective, we bring together a diverse network of facilitation and technical expertise.   

But don't just take our word for it..

Co+Host Collective was hired by Northern Savings to conduct focus groups for our organization. Allison was helpful, professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. The final report provided by Co+Host was well-organized, relevant and appreciated by our team. We will definitely consider Co+Host for future projects and would highly recommend their services to other others.
— Suzanne Wilson, VP Human Resources and Communications at Norther Savings Credit Union
Co+Host provides and invaluable service to Boards, and NGO’s in general, by making it possible to make sense out what may appear to be nonsense ... Our two day session was extremely well organized, a lot of ground was covered, and the purpose of coming up with a three year plan was accomplished.
— Elizabeth Cardell, Laskeek Bay Conservation Society
The facilitators used innovative techniques to guide participants through a process of what I would describe as “directed brainstorming”. We were encouraged to “think big” but also to direct our energy in productive directions. Fellow participants looked at our concept with fresh eyes and identified challenges and opportunities that we had not yet considered. A very worthwhile workshop!”
— Anna Maria Husband, SPCA
The Pro-Action café was not only fun and interesting, it was superbly facilitated. The time flew and it was an excellent example of how effective and exciting it is when people focus on collaborative endeavors.
— Shellene Van der Beke, Haida Gwaii Trader
[Cait, Allison and Kara] were well prepared and well organized and kept the proceedings flowing well. Notes were efficiently collected and nicely illustrated by Kara.
— Keith Moore, Laskeek Bay Conservation Society
Our sessions with Co+Host were critical to defining our 5-year plan. Co+Host helped us create a process through which we could come together as three distinct organizations and identify common needs, goals and objectives. In the facilitated sessions we quickly worked through a very wide range of areas in which we could collaborate and set tasks to put that collaboration in motion.
— Geoff Horner, Mount Moresby Adventure Camp

Your Questions

Our Answers

Because planning a session isn't always as easy as it sounds. Of course we know that there are certain scenarios where it is perfectly appropriate to organize a meeting yourself. However, in our experience, there are a great number of times when hiring an external facilitator will make your meeting more productive, effective and pleasant. Here are a few...

  1. You, or the person you’d like to have plan the meeting, also needs to participate in it. These are two very different skill sets and jobs, and often we notice that when you’re running a meeting you’re not able to fully participate.
  2. You’re working through a difficult topic or making an important decision. Whether your group feels a bit stuck on one topic, or is coming together to make an important decision, as facilitators we have a whole set of tools that will help your group build lasting decisions together. As a neutral third party, we can help (re)build a team, or simply provide space to voice diverging perspectives, all with the ultimate goal of finding a new and more productive way for you to work together.

  3. You’re trying to get input from a diverse group of people. Gaining public input is about more than just asking a group of people a question. Combined, we have multiple forms of training that equip us to map out a full public participation process that helps to understand perspectives, build unity, and foster lasting decisions that people feel committed to. We’ve learned that this is a multi-stage process that requires ample planning and forethought - and that is exactly what we love, and are trained, to do.

Because nobody really reads minutes, and everybody gets distracted. And, because graphic recording is about so much more than drawing pictures.

Graphic recorders are trained to actively listen to conversations, pull out themes, and transform them into visual representations that you actually want to read and re-visit. They are able to re-organize a conversation into an engaging and memorable visual, that distills key points and decisions made in a way that classic note taking just simply cannot.

Our work revolves around three main categories: organizational development, community engagement     and context and analysis. We have listed examples of the projects we are often involved in below, but this is not exhaustive. If you have a project in mind that you think we might be able to help with, get in touch and we will discuss it further with you.


  • Context + Analysis

    • Survey design + analysis

    • Qualitative data collection + analysis

    • Feasibility studies

    • Evaluation

  • Organizational development

    • Strategic planning

    • Operational planning

    • Visioning

    • Team development

  • Community engagement + Public Participation

    • Community feedback

    • Community decision making

    • Gap analyses + mapping

    • Information dissemination

    • Community collaborations

Co-facilitation is the process of having multiple facilitators present at a single event. While we do offer solo facilitation at certain events, we feel that ultimately, co-facilitation delivers a better result for the following reasons:

  • Co-facilitation brings multiple perspectives and insights to your event.

  • Co-facilitation draws together different tools from the members of our team.

  • Co-facilitation lets us be more responsive to your needs, allowing one person to guide the event while the other monitors the group’s well being and progress.  

  • Co-facilitation brings more energy to the day.   

It’s worth noting that when we have multiple facilitators at an event, we reduce our individual hourly rates because this practice shares our individual workload. As the client, this means that you will not see a substantial price difference between having one or multiple facilitators involved in your project.

This really depends on the project and your goals. The easiest way to get a sense of pricing is to send     us a quick note describing your project and organization. With that information, we can generate a quick estimate of our services. We will then work with you to make any revisions, until hopefully both parties are happy. We do offer discounts for small and underfunded non-profits.

We are a cooperative because we felt like this model of incorporation best reflected our organization’s     vision, values and business model. Our business is jointly owned by our members, who each have an equal voice in  how we make decisions. To learn more about what a co-operative is, visit the International Co-operative Alliance or Co-operatives First.