Co+Host brings together a diverse network of professionals interested in facilitation, and serious about real outcomes. We practice co-facilitation because we believe it offers the most effective results for our clients, and the greatest opportunities for skill sharing between our members. As a group, we have a basket of tools that help us build a productive space that your group fills with knowledge, experience and ideas. We then help you turn these conversations into change, action and resolutions.

We are based on Haida Gwaii, the traditional territory of the Haida, and our work extends throughout Northern British Columbia.

Each member of Co+Host lives on Haida Gwaii and is passionate about contributing to the well being of these islands. We also work with organizations off-island, bringing with us the unique perspectives we’ve learned from this special place. We work together in a non-hierarchical organizational structure, meaning all members participate in consensus-based decision making.

Jennifer Dysart // Facilitator

Jennifer Dysart

What are you most passionate about?

Learning about different ways of seeing the world and sharing these with others.

What’s your secret obsession?


What do you love most about Haida Gwaii?

The storms, the strong spirit of the people, the wild food. I even like that people know all my personal business!

What is something your fellow-facilitators will not know about you until they read this bio?

I chased elephants on my 28th birthday.

But seriously...

Jennifer Dysart is trained as a chemical engineer and has worked as a facilitator and process designer over the past decade in New Brunswick, Zambia and on Haida Gwaii. Most recently, she collaborated with the Village of Queen Charlotte to design and facilitate a community dialogue on Teen Drinking and Drug Use. In 2014, she worked with Gwaii Trust to design and coordinate QCC Harbour Strategic Planning Proposal their Economic Development Forum, which saw upwards of 125 people in attendance. She is a natural mediator and believes in facilitation that leads to action.

Kara Sievewright // Graphic Recorder

Kara Sievewright

What are you most passionate about?

As a graphic recorder and illustrator, my passion is to listen to people’s ideas, information, and stories and to translate these into visuals that can create meaningful connections, solutions, and change.

What is your favourite Haida Gwaii food?

There are too many! Prawns, scallops, cold smoked salmons…but the food that I can catch or harvest myself is especially satisfying, so wild strawberries from the dunes on North Beach, crab netted at low tide, huckleberries on my dog walks around town, and sgyuu (nori) harvested from rocks in the spring.

What do you love most about Haida Gwaii?

The rich and complex relationships people here have to each other and the land and sea.

But seriously...

Kara Sievewright has a background in community organizing and has been working with non-profit, health, legal, and education organizations for the past fifteen years. Meanwhile she has had a freelance career as an illustrator, writer, graphic designer, and web developer where she has honed her skills for translating complex information into meaningful visuals and stories. Recently she has trained as a graphic recorder and hopes to use her skills and experience to help organizations make lasting change.

Kara has a MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. She is a board member on the Haida Gwaii Arts Council, a collective member of the Graphic History Collective, and a member of the Canadian Freelance Union. She is a published writer and illustrator and is working on a graphic novel.

Lindsay Seegmiller // Facilitator

Lindsay Seegmiller

Why do you facilitate?

I feel like facilitation blends my passions and skills in the best way possible. I’m passionate about helping organizations and communities come together to work on challenges that open up opportunities for growth and development. And, I love learning about about the features that make the groups I work with unique. I also happen to be pretty good at organizing, listening and picking out patterns.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Without a dobut, the best part about Haida Gwaii for me is the opportunities to completely unplug. I’m happiest when I’m out hiking somewhere new, or kayaking in my backyard.

What is something your fellow-facilitators will not know about you until they read this bio?

When I was 16 and 17, I spent my summers on 42 and 50 day canoe trips in Ontario and Quebec. On each trip, I had a designated “day shirt” that lasted the full duration of the trip. I have both of these t-shirts stored at my parents house - very much unwashed. And I still love the smell of them…

But seriously...

Lindsay’s passion for facilitation emerged through her work with small non-profits supporting community development in Canada, Africa and Latin America. For the past 10 years, she has engaged communities and organizations on issues of engagement, capacity building, organizational development, poverty reduction, social enterprise, and beyond. Lindsay has trained as a facilitator with the Art of Hosting and The Work, and has experience connecting diverse individuals with a shared interest or cause.

Lindsay is currently completing a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies from Queen’s University. She is a board member of the Island Wellness Society and Students Offering Support (Toronto, Canada). She is the Executive Director of Laskeek Bay Conservation Society and a freelance writer and web designer.




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